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Friday Beer Club

Friday Beer Co.

Three Malvern scientists created the deliciously refreshing and unique Friday Beer after extensive experimental brewing and exhaustive tasting sessions. Huge popularity led to expansion and Friday Beer is now available across the region including Harrods in Knightsbridge. Produced from locally sourced and grown hops – Friday Beer is to Malvern what Guinness is to Ireland – you have got to be here to truly experience it. Brewery visits & beer tasting experiences can be arranged. More information / BOOK TOUR

Hay Wines

Hay Wines

Hay Wines are family owned, independent wine merchants and importers based in the medieval market town of Ledbury stocking small producers dedicated to creating wines and spirits of expression, vibrancy and quality. Proudly listed on Wine Searcher with a 5 star rating, Hay wines portfolio is constantly updated and improved, always offering an eclectic and unique product mix. Hay Wines also has an extensive range of wines including organic, biodynamic, natural, vegan and low sulphite wines as well as whiskies, spirits, liqueurs, beers, ciders and perries.

Upton Upon Severn Wines Ltd

Upton Upon Severn Wines Ltd

Upton-upon-Severn Wines is a family run business and who have been selling an extensive selection of wines and beverages for more than 20 years.

Products are sourced from all over the globe to offer you specialist wines that are not only fine, but rare too. They pride ourselves on our individual and superb variation of new and old wines.

Malvern Water Company Ltd

Holywell Water Company Ltd

Owners of The Holywell, Mike & Marian Humm discovered the spring after passers-by pointed at the running water in the public font and said ‘you do know that water’s special’. They renovated the font, rest room and bottling works room to get it back into working order and restore the heritage of the spring and its history in Malvern.

Now that the original source of bottled water in the UK is fully functioning again, history has been preserved and this world famous water can once again be enjoyed for generations to come.

DT Waller & Sons - Local Butchers

David T Waller & Sons Quality Butchers

D. T. Waller & Sons are a family-run butchers located in the beautiful market town of Ledbury, Herefordshire - from where they have been serving food-lovers for over 40 years.

They sell high quality meat that is (and has been for many years past) supplied by local producers - a tradition that will continue - such as Simon Cotton of Much Marcle, who breeds wonderful Herefordshire reared beef. Through commitment they have been able to ensure consistently high standards, year after year, which everyon enjoys.

New Wave Seafood

New Wave Seafood

New Wave is an independent, owner-operated business started 1989 to provide top-quality fresh fish and shellfish to some of the most discerning restaurants in the heart of England.

New Wave have a genuine passion for the quality of their fish and shellfish and make sure that it is responsibly sourced. They are MSC Chain of Custody certified and have full traceability on all of their seafood.

Cotteswold Dairy

Cotteswold Dairy Ltd

Cotteswold Dairy Ltd is an independent, 3rd generation family owned dairy. They believe happy cows produce the highest quality, best tasting milk. All contracted farmers are members of the Red Tractor assurance scheme meaning they comply with welfare standards to ensure cows are cared for in a comfortable environment with sufficient space for free movement.
William May’s Free range eggs

William May’s Free range eggs

William and Francis May started their free range egg business on their own family farm near Ledbury, Herefordshire (13 miles from The Cottage in the Wood) in 2004. Since introducing their own grading and packing facilities in 2015, May’s Eggs deliver eggs to us directly from the producer, guaranteeing traceability and low food miles. With British Egg Industry Council ‘Lion Code’ and RSPCA Freedom Food accreditations and by using high grade, non-GM feed, the quality of our eggs is guaranteed.

Call us on: +44 (0) 1684 588 860

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