The Cottage in the Wood was buzzing with the sound of celebration on May day!

It was the welcome party for the new owners who joined The Cottage in the Wood team last July.

The new owners have been working alongside the existing management team to provide the standards of service and quality of food always enjoyed at The Cottage in the Wood. And of course they have a few ideas of their own and some improvements planned.

They recently launched the Quintessential Afternoon tea (presented on the same three-tier stand used at the Ritz London) which has been hugely popular and was enjoyed with a glass of Champagne by those at the party. 

There is a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere at The Cottage in the Wood with soft Jazz playing throughout the bar and restaurant.

The famous wine list is as extensive as ever but now also includes a fantastic wine-by-the-glass menu so you can easily select your favourite tipple when you go for just one drink.

The bigger plan for The Cottage in the Wood is a complete make-over of the restaurant and bar which will be taken back to the Georgian glamour of the building including some art deco features and a bit of decadence. There is also talk of extending the bar to create a space for live music and relaxing while gazing out over the views.

The Cottage in the Wood – is open of breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as afternoon tea by reservation – call 01684 588 860 to reserve your table.

Call us on: +44 (0) 1684 588 860

The Cottage in the Wood
Hotel & Restaurant
Holywell Road
Malvern Wells
WR14 4LG

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