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Restaurant Notes from John

Locally Sourced Produce we buy locally whenever the quality is right and have won ‘gongs’ for this policy. With the Vale of Evesham on our doorstep which is the largest asparagus producing area in UK and good too for general market garden produce, it’s a given. We believe in low transport miles and that UK meat is not only the finest but the most humane at all stages of production.

Prices - a rare bit of transparency

In many restaurants you’ll find the food priced reasonably but they’ll sting you on the wine. Some work on x3, x4 or even x5 times mark up. Rip off!

Our wine minimum mark up is £8.50 but the maximum £28, plus VAT, so the better the wine the better the value.

Food operates on a 30% food cost, 30% wage cost and 30% for everything else such as energy, rates, table and glass ware. That leaves 10% for profit, all too easily eroded by any over-run on any of the costs.


Meat rare, fish opaque

We normally cook our red meats pink and the fish opaque. If you wish yours cooked longer just say so when you order.


Vegetables Appropriate vegetables are incorporated into every main course. If you would like extra vegetables or salad please choose from the menu.

Plain dishes

It’s possible our chefs will emerge cleaver in hand but unlikely, so you are safe to ask if you would prefer something plain.



We ask you to respect our mobile phone policy and please turn to 'silent' and take any calls outside the hotels public areas away from other guests. Thank you

Cooking Times

All our food is fresh and cooked to order. please be aware that if you miss the starter course there will be upto a 30 minute wait for certain main course dishes.

Inclusive Terms

For those on these terms please choose any dish from each of the three courses some of the dishes are supplemented.

Side orders and coffee are additional.

Service charge

None added, none expected. However the team will always be grateful if you wish to reward exceptional service.

Credit Card Charges

It’s with regret that we have had to introduce a charge to defray the costs imposed on us when accepting credit cards.

No charge: Debit Cards, Cheques or Cash

2% Charge on total bill for MasterCard, Visa and American Express


Something wrong?

We strive for 100% but we are human so we can occasionally fail. If we do, please let us know immediately so we can put the matter right.


No Smoking of course but you'll find places outside where you're welcome to smoke and a lovely gazebo over towards The Pinnacles which is lit at night.


Reduced portions, Also, ‘Plain Dishes’ as above and we have bangers, beans etc if preferred.



Cottage in the Wood Vouchers

Pet Friendly